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Breast Augmentation

This procedure enhances the breasts' volume using FDA-approved implants. It can be performed in a manner that is specific to each patient, in order to cater to individualized preferences on the shape and volume of desired breasts. We use new generation implants that have been proven to be safe and are guaranteed not to cause any health hazard.

Breast Reduction

While some people desire to have larger breasts, there are also some who complain for having breasts that are big enough to cause shoulder pains, back problems, and even psychological embarrassment. To address this, breast reduction can be performed to reduce the amount of breast volume into a more manageable and appealing "breast form."

Breast Lift

"Sagging breasts", are a result of the body's natural orientation towards the pull of gravity, but at the same time, they are also a product of child birth and aging among women. The nipples and lower breast parts have a tendency to "fall away" from the chest, making the breasts lose their original its normalfirmness, feel and appearance. Breast lift procedures can address this problem, and can be individualized to different grades of breast ptosis and sagging. Ask your plastic surgeon about Breform and conventional breast lifting to know what procedure best suits your needs.

Nipple/Areola Reduction

This procedure reduces the size of the nipple and areola, which normally become enlarged after a woman gives birth and starts breast feeding. The reduction is performed to bring back the normal pre-pregnancy appearance of the nipple and areola.