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Botox Injection

This is a very common non-surgical treatment for moderate to severe wrinkles and/or frown lines. People aged 18 to 65 can avail of this treatment, which has become popular among celebrities and ordinary people alike.

Botox is a protein complex derived from a type of bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum, which, when injected to the muscle, blocks transmission between the nerve endings and muscle fibers on the injection site, thus rendering muscles that are responsible for forming wrinkles and frown lines paralyzed.

IV Glutathione

Formally known as Intravenous Glutathione, this involves the direct injection of Glutathione through the veins, a procedure proven by experts to be the single most effective way of increasing Glutathione levels. Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in the human body, and is responsible for strengthening our immune system as well as protecting our bodies' tissues and organs from harmful free radicals.

Nowadays, IV Glutathione is also being used by dermatologists as a whitening treatment for people wishing to achieve a fairer complexion. Unlike oral ingestion of Glutathione, IV Glutathione ensures faster visible results since the substance isn't destroyed by stomach enzymes and is directly absorbed by the body.


Injectable skin fillers provide a quick fix to certain skin imperfections. They can be injected to the skin to increase tissue volume, reduce wrinkles, and improve the skin's overall contour without the need for surgery. Areas that are normally treated with dermal fillers include the lips, cheeks, nose, and wrinkles. These fillers can be administered to the facial skin safely and easily by professionals in our team.

Wart Removal

Warts area small rough growth resembling a cauliflower, which typically appears on hands or feet. They are caused by various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which include certain strains that are known to cause cancer.

While some warts can disappear naturally over time, it is best to remove them immediately as they are unsightly developments. Wart removal by a medical expert remains to be the most effective treatment, and is preferable over certain over-the-counter and home remedies.

Sclerotherapy (Varicose Veins)

This minimally invasive technique involves the injection of a special chemical (sclerosant) to shrink and eventually make enlarged veins on the legs disappear. The chemical causes the vein to collapse and stick together, stopping blood flow and triggering the body to reabsorb the vein. Patients may be required to undergo repeated sessions with numerous injections per session, depending on the extent of the varicose veins and the type of chemical used.


Do you want to have a smoother and scar-free skin without going under the needle? This procedure is perfect for you!

This is a non-surgical procedure in which a micro-needling technique is used to stimulate new collagen formation that replaces deep scars and naturally rejuvenates the skin.